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To get started with @dnd-kit, install the core library via npm or yarn:
npm install @dnd-kit/core
You'll also need to be make sure you have peer dependencies installed. Chances are you already have react and react-dom installed in your project, but if not, make sure to install them:
npm install react react-dom


@dnd-kit is a monorepo. Depending on your needs, you may also want to install other sub-packages that are available under the @dnd-kit namespace.

Core library

In order to keep the core of the library small, @dnd-kit/core only ships with the main building blocks that the majority of users will need most of the time for building drag and drop experiences:


Modifiers let you dynamically modify the movement coordinates that are detected by sensors. They can be used for a wide range of use cases, for example:
  • Restricting motion to a single axis
  • Restricting motion to the draggable node container's bounding rectangle
  • Restricting motion to the draggable node's scroll container bounding rectangle
  • Applying resistance or clamping the motion
The modifiers repository contains a number of useful modifiers that can be applied on DndContext as well as DraggableClone.
To start using modifiers, install the modifiers package via yarn or npm:
npm install @dnd-kit/modifiers



The @dnd-kit/core package provides all the building blocks you would need to build a sortable interface from scratch should you choose to, but thankfully you don't need to.
If you plan on building a sortable interface, we highly recommend you try out @dnd-kit/sortable, which is a small layer built on top of @dnd-kit/core and optimized for building silky smooth, flexible, and accessible sortable interfaces.
npm install @dnd-kit/sortable

Development releases

Each commit merged into the @dnd-kit main branch will trigger a development build to be released to npm under the next tag.
To try a development release before the official release, install each @dnd-kit package you intend to use with the @nexttag
npm install @dnd-kit/core@next @dnd-kit/sortable@next
Development releases can be unstable, we recommend you lock to a specific development release if you intend to use them in production.
Last modified 1yr ago